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The Process


be.spoke adjective \bi-`spok, be-\:

made to fit a particular person; also: producing clothes that are made to fit a particular person

Our process always starts with you: whether you are in for a custom-made suit or shirt, want to adjust or even totally remake that vintage garment, or simply need to tailor those pants with the extra-long seam and over-sized waist. You give us an idea of your style and what you want, and after consultation with our expert tailors, we make it happen to your satisfaction.


Oh, and why should guys have all the fun? We now make custom women’s suits as well :)

  • Custom Suiting/ Overcoats

  • Custom Shirts and Trousers

  • Alterations

Custom Suiting/ Overcoats

Consultation –

Our experts will try to find out what exactly you want – and how you want it. Do you need your suit for everyday work? An interview or special presentation? An upcoming wedding? Is this your first bespoke suit or are you a pro and require less style guidance? This procedure will also inform us of your personal style and sensibilities. With some basic information we can guide you to achieve your sartorial goals, your way.


Fabrics –

We offer hundreds of suiting and woolen fabrics from some of the best mills in the world, such as…

Super 100s, 120s to 200s worsted wools, cashmeres, seasonal tweeds and flannels, linens and seersucker cottons in a wide array of colors, shades and patterns. We are more than happy to guide you every step of the way with what you want and what would work best for the occasion. Once a fabric has been chosen, we can provide a 3D virtual simulation for a full idea of what your suit will look like in that fabric.


Measurement -

Our tailors will take your measurements in painstaking detail, keeping in mind your body type and the fit and silhouette which you want and would complement you best: Single or double-breasted, number of front buttons, lapel width, American, British, European, slim or athletic fits.


We then get to work! All our custom made suits are constructed with a full canvas jacket unless you prefer half, light canvas, or a completely unconstructed jacket. Jackets are finished with hand pick-stitching, functional sleeve buttons, ticket pocketing, and all the style details of a bespoke suit of the finest quality and craftsmanship. Your suit trousers will be lined to the knee, with adjustable side tabs or belt-loops if desired.


Thankfully, you do not have to hang around for weeks to watch the magic happen.


Final Fitting -

We offer the option to come back in 3 weeks for a basting fitting before we finish crafting your suit, or simply come back in 4-6 weeks for the completed garment. Your fit is guaranteed.


Repeat the process for your next custom-suit-worthy event!

At FULANI we know you are one of a kind; your clothes should be too.

Note: We make house/office calls for multiple custom made suit orders. We know you are busy, and will come to you. Consult, measure, fit and have delivered - all from the comfort of your home or office!

Custom Shirts and Trousers

Consultation -

Again, it begins with you. Whether it is a perfectly constructed white dress shirt for your suit, a patterned shirt to make a statement on its own or a casual summer linen shirt, simply tell us the occasion and give us an idea of your preferences – and we’ll do the rest.

Fabrics -

Bring us your fabric, or choose from hundreds of materials for trousers or 40 swatches for shirts. Broadcloths, pinpoint oxfords, twills, dobbies. Poplins, plaids, paisleys… We’ll be certain to find the right match for you.


Measurement -

We take 12 measurements for shirts and 10 for trousers, always considering the fit and style desired: Classic, contemporary, slim, athletic fit… Full, half, quarter or no break in your trouser length?


Then, as always, it’s all about the details – wide, narrow or cutaway collar, full or invisible placket, breast pocket(s) or no, French or barrel cuffs, gussets, just to name a few. See more style options here


Pick up your custom-made shirt and/or trousers in 4 weeks. Try it on, and we will make any adjustments needed. Your fit is guaranteed. 



Consultation -

You get the picture. YOU are the star in our story.


Alterations can run from a simple hemming to remaking that off-the-rack suit (you should have come to us in the first place), to frantically needed adjustments to a wedding dress. We are here for you and will get it done.

If you are not ready for a custom made suit we can also fix that vintage suit as if it was tailored just for you.


Tell us what you need, we will assess the work involved, and then provide you with our pricing and timeline. 


We'd love to hear from you

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